Step into 2024 in style - What to wear on New Year's Eve?

What you wear on New Year's Eve can define the end of this year and the beginning of the next one, so we are giving you some help to inspire!

The Power of Colors

Choosing the right color for this occasion is almost the most important aspect of all. One of the main perspectives is that you want to wear a piece that gives off celebration vibes for you, and makes you confident. From the EVELINFINK collections, the SILVER PIÑATEX pieces are sure to make a statement!

How much is too much?

If we are going to celebrate a special occasion like New Year's Eve, it can be tempting to add another piece which often is too much. To avoid overdressing, think of the main parts of your outfit as a base, and add a few accessories and there you go: ready to celebrate the welcoming of the next year!

Elegant or Laid-back?

This question is quite personal actually because it depends on the occasion or party you are going to. Try to find an outfit that matches the environment and the atmosphere whether it is a dinner with the family or going out with friends.

Overall, the main and most important aspect is that you should feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing. Although it can be difficult to choose the "PERFECT" outfit, having a friend beside you to help figure out what to opt for is beneficial!