What to do on Valentine's Day?

The question that comes to our mind every year! We all wish to gift the best to our love, but year after year it's not always as easy as one's imagine. Here's a list of our current favorite ideas to experience with our loved ones!


Back to the basics! Take your loved one to a casual winter walk, have a hot drink, and a deep conversation while you both enjoy the city view! Let's spice it up with a game: start the walk without a destination, and at every corner, you and your partner decide alternately the next step! Don't forget to stay warm and layer smart!


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Old but gold! Having a movie night is always a desirable idea. This time, to have a more intimate date, choose from the program list of a "művészmozi"! Click here to browse Budapest's all art cinemas!


Stay classy! Delicious drinks, flavorsome food, fancy surroundings, and most important: quality time with your love! You have plenty of restaurant options to choose from in Budapest, but you have only one Fausto - we truly recommend Fausto's Ristorante if you wish to have an all-around experience, and they offer a special Valentine's menu too!


Don't overcomplicate your Valentine's Day plans as simple ideas are sometimes even better! Plan a romantic soirée with such activities as cooking, baking, reading aloud for each other, watching movies, or playing board games. Unleash your creativity to make this night really your own!


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We all love having a theatre night, but we tend to forget about it these days. Ask around for the best actual shows or look for critics and take your partner to a gripping performance! Here is a list of English-friendly stages of Budapest so nothing stands in your way!