Seaqual - EVELINFINK Materials

Being sustainable has become one of the main perspectives in fashion nowadays. The
designer herself has been looking for the most eco-friendly options since the start
of the brand, which we can see in the previous collections such as Piñatex, recycled wool, and recycled polyester. In this collection, EVELIN FINK has brought us a new material called SEAQUAL.

Seaqual - The Eco-Friendly Material

SEAQUAL is a high-quality and sustainable material, almost identical in physical properties to virgin polyester. This allows the designers to use an easily manageable fabric in the clothing-making process. One of the main benefits that SEAQUAL is 100% post-consumer material, made from marine plastic and post-consumed PET. By using this material the designers can contribute to ocean cleaning and in the overall fight against plastic pollution. SEAQUAL is also used in a multitude of applications including apparel, accessories, home furnishing, and technical textiles.

Seaqual Initiative

There is a program also called SEAQUAL INITIATIVE which refers to the fight against plastic pollution. The main perspective of this organization is to bring together individuals and companies, to raise awareness about pollution, and help clean our oceans. The plastic is collected during this process and later on, is used to make the fabric.

Seaqual Certifications

All textiles produced with SEAQUAL® YARN must be submitted for fabric certification. SEAQUAL® YARN has both GRS and OEKO-TEX® certifications.

The Seaqual Pieces

During the designing process of EVELINFINK, the usage of eco-friendly materials is definitely not negligible. This also shows that being sustainable and designing high-quality and up-to-date clothes are sure to be compatible. By introducing the material in a larger part of the new AW23/24 COURAGE collection Evelin Fink gave a huge tone to Earth-consciousness and hopes to reach a larger audience to be part of saving the planet.