Lemon, silver, lavender - How to style bold colors?

The SS23 CURIOSITY collection debuted with an unexpected color palette, in addition to the ever-present black and white, it also lists bold shades such as fresh lemon, shimmering silver, and dreamy lavender. These three hues are great accent colors for any spring-summer wardrobe, but we also love them as statement colors, wearing in all monochrome outfits! Are you wondering how to start styling these brave colors? Don't worry, read to blog post to let us help you out!


The silver color always radiates modern and cool vibes thanks to its futuristic nature but it has also a strong sophisticated impression!

What colors would we pair it with?

  • Black: The classic combination of black and silver creates a sleek and elegant look.
  • White: The clean and crisp contrast of white with silver can result in a modern and polished ensemble.
  • Navy blue: Navy can provide a rich and refined backdrop for silver accents or accessories.
  • Purple: Different shades of purple, such as lavender or deep plum, can harmonize well with silver.
  • Turquoise: The vibrant and refreshing hue of turquoise can create a striking contrast with silver.
  • Gray: Pairing silver with different shades of gray can create a monochromatic and contemporary look.
  • Pastel Colors: Soft pastel shades, like baby blue or pale pink, can create a gentle and feminine combination with silver, but always take care to not overdo it: a touch of pastel is more than enough!


In Evelin Fink's SS23 CURIOSITY collection, the feminine purple not only reflects the courage and creativity necessary for life but also the need for stability and longing.

What colors would we pair it with?

  • White: Soft and neat, white can create a fresh and airy look when paired with lavender.
  • Gray: Different shades of gray, such as light gray or charcoal, can provide a sophisticated contrast to lavender.
  • Silver: The metallic shine of silver can enhance the subtle shimmer of lavender, creating an elegant and glamorous pairing.
  • Navy: Deep navy blue can provide a rich and refined backdrop for lavender, creating a timeless ensemble.
  • Yellow: The sunny shade of yellow can create a delicate and cheerful pairing with lavender.
  • Sage Green: The muted and earthy tones of green can harmonize beautifully with lavender, creating a calming and natural but unexpected aesthetic.


When it comes to fashion, lemon is a bright and vibrant color that can be paired with various other colors to create stylish and eye-catching combinations.

What colors would we pair it with?

  • White: Brisk and pure, white can create a fresh and summery look when paired with lemon.
  • Navy blue: The contrast of navy with lemon composes a bold and nautical-inspired combination.
  • Gray: The best combination with lemon if you ask us!
  • Lavender: The delicate hues of lavender can create a soothing and feminine energy with lemon.
  • Sky Blue: The light and airy shade of sky blue can complement lemon, creating a serene ensemble.
  • Olive Green: The earthy and muted tones of green can provide an interesting contrast to lemon.
  • Hot Pink: The vibrant shade of hot pink makes a fun and daring combination with lemon - but always handle it gently!