Hungarian Heritage: The Goldberger Textile Industry

Have you ever heard of Hungary’s greatest textile manufacturer? The Goldberger Textile Industry was started in the 18th Century by Goldberg Ferenc. Later on, this became an international industry and was known worldwide.

When the industry started, Goldberger bought prints from across the world to bring a new shine to the Hungarian Textile Industry. Later on, he sent his people to Paris to study the methods of making these prints. This led the company to design its own prints and after that, they were known all across the world. The factory managed to print large amounts of material that never happened before in the country and this led them to their success and made them one of the most famous textile industries in the 18th and 19th centuries.  If you’re more interested in the past of the Goldberger Textile Industry then you can visit the museum in Budapest.

The prints they used were one of the main inspirations for the Hungarian designer Evelin Fink. These patterns occur in the designer’s past two collections, starting from the SS23 CURIOSITY, and will appear in the SS24 LIMEN collection. Evelin took on this opportunity to honor a Hungarian invention and at the same time freshen up the Hungarian fashion industry. As a Hungarian designer, the Goldberger Textile Industry is really close to her heart which can be related to if you’re working in fashion.

Evelin took these prints and involved them in her collections in an efficient and fabulous way and you can count on it in the next collections. These
designs make the pieces unique and recognizable from a distance and they became the designer’s trademark.

In the annals of textile history, Evelin’s contribution to the Goldberger Textile Industry shines as a testament to her resourcefulness and determination. Her innovation and unwavering dedication have left an indelible mark, reminding us that progress and passion are the threads that weave the fabrics of the future.