Piñatex - EVELINFINK materials

Pineapple can be your favourite fruit in tropical cocktails but now for a while it also provides one of the most exciting new materials when it comes to vegan and sustainable alternatives for leather.

Philippine people have used fabrics made of pineapple leaves for centuries and this lightweight, durable textile was what grabbed the attention of Spanish scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Carmen Hijosa, when she was searching for a substitute for animal leather, because of the environmental impact and ethical consequences of the latter. After 20 years of research and development Piñatex was finally born, a blend of natural pineapple leaf fibers.

It is strong, durable, flexible, light and breathable and comes in a wide range of colors. In the last few years this innovative material already made it’s first steps into the collections of the world’s biggest fashion houses and now it arrived to Hungary too: EVELINFINK’s new collection features several items in beautiful colors made of this revolutionary new alternative leather, so nobody has to choose between cool leather pieces and sustainability and animal welfare ever again.

Are you curious about how to care for Piñatex?