Sheep Nappa Leather - EVELINFINK materials

There is a huge difference between leather and leather, but EVELINFINK uses the most premium ethical leather possible. Made from food industry by-product, the Sheep Nappa Leather is one of the most luxurious leather on the market.

Nappa leather was born in 1875 by the hands of Emanuel Manasse who worked for the Sawyer Tanning Company in Napa, California. This type of leather is usually made out of sheep or cow skin, sometimes acquired from food industry by-product to increase environmental awareness.

The Sheep Nappa Leather has almost all of its original outer textures and markings showing in the finished product: soft yet though! It goes through several durability-enhancing process, so it can remain beautiful in texture and color too.

This premium leather is known for its great flexibility and unmatched softness.

It's perfect for coats but for any kind of warm clothing piece also, you will definitely love it if you prefer the freedom of being able to move with great flexibility.

Last but not least this type of leather is one of the easiest to clean, because of its dyeing process. No stain will be able to stay on your jacket, you can take proper care of it. Would you like to know more about leather care? Find more information here, in our complete leather care guide.