CURIOSITY SS23 - “The fusion of past and future”

EVELINFINK's CURIOSITY collection focuses on the curiosity and spirit of discovery inherent in women's qualities, which we need more and more in today's constantly changing world to successfully navigate our everyday life. Bold shapes, futuristic patterns and unexpected color combinations characterize the CURIOSITY pieces.

Inspired by the iconic designs of the Goldberger Textile Industry, the playfully structured cavalcade of branching and connecting lines of individually produced materials symbolize the discovery of new paths and the countless possibilities life offers. This can inspire women who wish to go their own way and bravely deviate from the usual itineraries throughout their lives, driven by curiosity for new opportunities. 

The collection also carries a bold stance in its colors: the feminine purple not only reflects the courage and creativity necessary for life, but also the need for stability and longing, which - with the futuristic silver and yellow colors - represent the optimistic faith in the future that we shape ourselves. 

The new collection aims to open a fresh perspective for women, combining the usual geometric cut lines from the EVELINFINK brand with unusual patterns and colors. Part of this is connecting to the confidence within us, which can serve as an internal compass for them to explore the world.  

In addition to the free shaping of the future by ourselves, the collection draws attention to the respect of our past by referring to the patterns of the Goldberger Textile Factory, since stable self-knowledge is inseparable from reconciliation with our past, and our curiosity is stimulated by the need to enrich our individual vision in harmony with our past. 

When it comes to the use of materials, sustainability and respect for the environment are keys: this collection is made from materials of natural origin - as always. In addition to sheep nappa leather, cupro, vegan silk and caterpillar silk, an innovative plant-based material also appears: a vegan alternative to leather created from waste pineapple leaf fibers. By using sustainable materials, the designer herself is working on the positive shaping of the future.

The catwalk show is available on the BCEFW Facebook page.