The EVELIN FINK brand value is based on the unique combination of courage and feminine elegance.

She considers it important not to follow the usual forms and "expectations", she convey the message of “ dare to be bold ” and “ dare to show your character” within her design. In her collection’s leather is always present in combination with different materials.

Through the EVELIN FINK creations you can learn how to wear the elegant contrasts, it helps to increase confidence.


The Designer

Evelin Fink finished mathematical and technical studies at the university, what shows her ultimate search for perfection in her design. In order to reach her dream to become a fashion designer she graduated from Budapest fashion school and created her own brand EVELIN FINK in 2012. Several famous productions asked the help of Evelin’s creative vision such as: Prima Primissima Foundation, Madách Theater. In 2015 the designer opened his own salon.